About Me

I'm sitting on a beach in Southwest Florida. It's a few hours before sunrise and the moon is snoozing under a blanket of clouds. The palm leaves behind me are whispering a pre-dawn sonata as they embrace the wind. I need a penlight to see my notepad as I look inwards.

Life is a deck of cards and every card tells a story. The deck has so many of cards that I can't shuffle them; I must play the cards I'm dealt. My passion is photographing and sharing the stories I see. I shoot outdoors, mostly in the early morning, or in the late afternoon and early evening. That's when the sun is low, and the light and shadows sing harmony. I also shoot at night when light exposes drama in the darkness, and secrets cower in the corners.

I must have been on this beach for a while because I look up from my pad and see that the sun's advance team has conquered the horizon. The sun is preparing to climb back onto its throne from which its rays will banish the darkness for another day. Light and shadow are starting to hit their marks and that's my cue to pick up my kit and start walking; the cards are being turned face-up.

Dozing Palms